wines of the week

You know what it is… It’s time to hear this week’s wine recommendations!

It doesn’t matter if you find yourself cooking with bae on a Wednesday, Poppin’ bottles with your crew on a FriYAY or maybe you’re hangin’ solo this weekend and like us, you know that WINE is really the ultimate everyday bae.

The sound that the cork makes when it pops on a Friday is the ultimate sound of the weekend and poppin’ all dem bottles is the way to do it up proper! #WineAngelStyle


FRESH Possibilities Sparkling Rose is a 60% Riesling, 40% Gamay and 100% delicious! This Sparkling is an #iYellowFav that is sure to put your guests in a good mood. Scoop this wine up now because there are only 200 cases left and it’s available at the winery only! So head down to Niagara, or order a case online and use promo code ”iYellowFRESH’ for free shipping on all wine orders!

Check it out on the LCBO site here!


Chardonnay’s authentic home is in France and sippin’ on a French Chardonnay is always tre chic. This Jean Claude Mas Origines Martinolles Chardonnay Pays D’Oc is an elegant chardonnay and keeps things on point at the $13.95 pricepoint. This rich and full-bodied Chardonnay will give you a #ChardOn — oh yeah, baby!

Available for $13.95 at the LCBO here!



Apothic Red is a deep and velvety red wine that is suitable for all of your sippin’ occasions. This wine has all of the characteristics of a sturdy bae – he is rich, robust and has finish that will have you thinking of him all night long.

Available for $16.95 at the LCBO here!

Keep swirling and sipping on wine clubbers! Until next week

XOXOX – Miss Pink Bubbles aka: @TashaTOenophile