Seriously Delicious. Seriously Cool.

The iYellow gals had a chance to try some wines last week. New to the market, these eye-catching bottles hinted that the juice inside may just be what the label inferred: ‘seriously cool’.

Ontario wine superstar Southbrook Vineyards has produced these local wine gems with grapes grown in Niagara vineyards which follow the Sustainable Winemaking Ontario program. And it’s an iYellow #WineFact that we love drinking wine we can feel good about!


But we would expect nothing less from Southbrook, known for whimsical whites and ball busting reds, all while focusing on organic and biodynamic viticultural principals to craft quality Ontario wines true to form!


The 2015 white is a blend of 65% Chardonnay Musqué, 26% Chardonnay and 9% Riesling. “This is not your grandma’s traditional chardonnay – it’s so floral and balanced,” says Ange aka @SuperWineGirl. “I love this label, it’s not something you would expect from Ontario, says Danielle aka @Dsips, the newest iYellow additional to join the #WineCrew.  At $15.95 a bottle, these modern art-deco style prints definitely stand out on the shelf. “I would take this to a party, everyone would absolutely love this!” Says Mandy, aka @SaberBabe.  Sleek and sassy, this wine is super gregarious and fun. I love seeing more wineries adopt this fresh look and branding that gets me excited for growth in this category, in Ontario. “I can’t wait to sip this on a patio in the sun this summer!” Says @SamCrimi, our resident wine yogini fairy.


The 2012 Red is 85% Gamay Noir, 10% Pinot Noir & 5% Zweigelt, an interesting combination that lends itself to a medium bodied approachable wine, bursting with big red fruit flavours. “This wine is proof that you can find a great local sustainable wine for this price. It’s both elegant and rustic” says Mandy.


“Easy drinking and beautiful – making it perfect for spring and summer sipping.” Says Ange. With only 303 cases of the Red made, wine lovers will need to run, not walk to LCBOs as they start to hit the shelves soon. “This wine can be versatile. It pairs just as perfectly with your Netflix binge session as it does your summer BBQs with the gang” says Danielle.

Well, the reviews are in!


These are wines that you initially buy for the label, but keep coming back for the quality of the juice inside. From grape to glass, either of the wines in this portfolio are an #iYellowFav that you can feel good about when you pour that second glass. Or dare I say, crack that second bottle.


2012 Seriously Cool Red VQA | $15.95   2015 Seriously Cool Chardonnay VQA | $15.95


blog post via @TashaTOenophile