Boxed wines are back and more serious than ever! 

Boxed wine is facing a resurgence in popularity with more premium brands heading towards this large size format.

Next time that you’re in the LCBO and looking to provide wine for a large group of friends or family, or just looking for an easier way to carry bottles of wines home, boxed wine can now be your new best friend. Not only is the wine inside good enough to drink and share, but you’re also making a great contribution to a more eco-friendly way of drinking wine.

Fostered by the notion that only bad wine was sold in large quantity formats, looking at the selection of boxed wines on the shelf at the LCBO used to be a daunting task in and of itself. But as of late, brands are starting to recognize the growth opportunities available for premium boxed wine. “In 2016, the California Wine Market Council reported that three-litre boxes posted the strongest growth in the market, with 13.7% over the previous year.” (via: Natalie Maclean) And as such, options are expanding for premium bag-in-box formats in the marketplace, and you’ll start seeing more recognizable¬†options on the shelf. More producers are using bulk ways of selling wine in their philosophies. From wine in keg programs at restaurants to bag-in-box wines.

It might be a surprise to know that boxed wine is extremely popular in the nordic countries. In fact, the LCBO has made it one of their strategies to increase the amount of premium boxed wine that is available to us in Ontario. Radio Boka is the newest kid on the block when it comes to premium boxed wine. This tempranillo from Spain that comes in a 3L box is the exact same wine that comes in the bottle for $8.95. Radio Boka is one of the top selling Spanish wines and now it comes in a box. I know some die-hards who truly love this wine and who are very excited to have this available in a larger format. Once you open this wine it will keep for up to 4 weeks or more

Even Carolyn Evans Hammond agrees that there is some great boxed wine available in Ontario. Her recent article here showcases some of her recommendations, and since she’s one of our favourite wine writers, we agree with her. A great option for summer BBQ’s, the cottage and entertaining, maybe it’s time you stop judging boxed wine and joined the revolution! With just under 30 options to choose from at the LCBO, you can even have a bag-in-the-box wine tasting party and decide for yourself!

Our pick is Radio Boka – with bonus airmiles and a great taste!

Radio boka