Wine Stories: 5 Steps to Look Like a Pro When Ordering Wine

Ordering wine

We all want to enjoy a great glass of wine when dining out, but sometimes, staring at a large wine list can be really overwhelming.

This is exactly when we play it safe and order our favourite. This month I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and try something fun and new by the glass or the bottle, besides isn’t your resolution to be more adventurous?! Here’s how to look like a pro when ordering wine at a restaurant.

  1. Find Your Style

Depending on your mood, the type of restaurant and food being served, think about what style of wine you want to sip on. Are you looking for light and fruity, big and bold, or bubbly and fresh? Is it a glass of white, red or something in between? Try to put words to the style you are craving and get ready to explain it.

  1. Ask for the Sommelier

Ask for the wine expert or the Sommelier (pronounced Somm-Ah-Lee-Eh) on staff to help you find what you’re looking for. They know the wine list in and out and are happy to make a recommendation based on the style and price range you are seeking. This is great chance to have a connection with someone who knows the menu inside and out and can ask you about what your food choices as well. Pairing wine and food is a really exciting part about dining out so use this time to have engaging conversation, ask about recommendations from someone who knows everything from the inside out.

  1. Swirl, Smell & Sip

When the wine comes to your table that you’ve ordered, the Sommelier will pour a small amount of wine into your glass. This is your opportunity to taste the wine and ensure it fits the style you are looking for. Your job is to look cool and swirl, smell and sip the wine – take your time and try a few sips. If you are ordering by the glass, you can still ask to taste the wine before ordering.

  1. Judge the Wine

After analysing what is in your glass, say exactly what you feel about the wine. If you don’t like it, speak up and the sommelier will select a new option for you. If you like it, simply smile and say “it’s perfect, thanks.”

  1. Love & Share the Adventure

Talk with the Sommelier and don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts about the wine being poured and others you’d like to try. You’re the customer and deserve to be happy in your wine choices. So enjoy a great night out, ask for expert help, and learn about new wines you may not have tried. Most importantly, remember to only drink wine you love! Usually, if you ask/show some wine enthusiasm about what else is one the list, tell them you’ll Instagram the bottle and share with your friends, you can have a little wine tasting experience right at your table and those are really quite cool to showcase.